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Technical Support

Technical Support


By market research and with the supports of functional research institutes, the Factory keeps developing new products and improving old products based on imported new technology, to satisfy domestic requirements on special equipment for slurry solid dug in petroleum drill industry. The Factory makes contribution to the increase of the yield and efficiency in oil drill industry. While implementing strict quality management, and establishing, carrying out and improving quality management system, the Factory also has made factory-oriented quality guidelines and objectives to unify the staff’s efforts. Besides perfecting process equipment, the factory is also equipped with inspection, measurement, and bio-chemical instruments to guarantee first-class product quality in the country; by strengthening advertisement to familiarize the customers with the performance and usage of our products, the Factory offers all sorts of documents related to the equipment, gives assistance to customers in terms of installation, debugging, use guidance and explanation for customers’ doubts, so as to ensure that customers better use and manage the equipment. The Factory is devoted to providing customers with satisfactory pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales services.

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